Membership is open to all individuals, companies, firms, organizations and associations interested in non destructive testing.

There are two classes of membership:

  • Corporate
  • Honorary


Individual Membership

Individual Membership is no longer available. Individual NDT practitioners who wish to remain, or acquire SAINT membership are directed to register with the SAINT Professional Body for NDT.

Corporate Membership:

Are companies and organizations interested in accomplishing the objectives of the Institute, and each Corporate member shall have the right to appoint two representatives who shall have equal rights to Individual members.

Annual Subscriptions according to membership category :

Membership Category Annual Subscription
Cat 1: 1-5 technicians                3 000.00
Cat 2: 6-30 technicians                6 000.00
Cat 3: 30+ technicians                9 000.00
Equipment/Consumable Supplier                6 000.00

Honorary Membership:

Are the individuals who have rendered outstanding services to the Institute and/or exceptional contributions to South African Non-Destructive testing in accordance with the objectives of the Institute.