Hennie has 21 years’ experience in NDT in South Africa and is a qualified aircraft mechanic. He focuses on training and lecturing NDT at SANDE in Johannesburg and at the African NDT Centre in Pretoria. Over many years he expanded his training experience in South Africa (marine, aviation, mining, petrochemical, pipelines, railways) and internationally in Thailand, Angola, Kenya, Namibia, Madagascar. He presented a paper at the World Conference of NDT in 2012, a copy of which were published in Materials Evaluation – the American Society for NDT’s monthly magazine, as well as the SAINT magazine.

Hennie belongs to various professional bodies including:

American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) Level III since 2008
Member of ASNT since 2008
Member of the South African Institute for NDT (SAINT)
Affiliate member of SAINT Professional Body for NDT
Hennie holds NDT Level 3 qualifications in 5 methods: Magnetic Particle (MT); Penetrant Testing (PT); Electromagnetic Testing (ET); Radiography Testing (RT) & Ultrasonic Testing (UT), ASNT No: 177653 and ACCP Professional Level III in Radiography Testing (RT), Magnetic Particle (MT); & Penetrant Testing (PT).