Code of Ethics

The document as reproduced hereunder is available to all members of SAINT, subject to their taking receipt of the document and signing it in the presence of other SAINT members.

In spirit and word this Code of Ethics shall guide the actions of the undersigned member. It is the duty of each member to conduct himself in accordance with the following promises:

  • To uphold at all times the dignity and reputation of the profession and that of the Institute.
  • To pursue the professional discipline in a spirit of fairness to all concerned – employer, customers and competitors.
  • To execute work with integrity and in a professional manner with due regard for public safety and the interests of others.
  • To refuse professional obligations where the member’s expertise or technical qualification is inadequate to offer a competent service.
  • To avoid questionable means to advertise or canvass work.
  • To respect all laws and statutory regulations.
  • To accept financial or other compensation for a particular service from one source only unless other benefits have been authorized by all interested parties.
  • To treat as confidential any information provided by employers, clients or customers unless express consent for disclosure is obtained from them.
  • To avoid damage, directly or indirectly, to the professional reputation, prospects or business of other members.
  • To refrain from knowingly supplanting another member in a particular engagement after definite steps have been taken for the latter’s employment.
  • To encourage professional development in the advancement of Non-destructive Testing.
  • To also perform his outside the Republic of South Africa in such a manner as to enhance the status of the profession within the standards of the foreign country.