The Bracelet Probe is a revolutionary electromagnet NDE inspection tool, which can be used without interruption and without removing insulation or fireproofing!

  1. Used for detection of external corrosion in pipes, vessels, and tanks with coating, fireproofing and/or insulation.
  2. Flexibility of one probe for many pipe sizes, pipe
    condition assessment with or without insulation and true in-
    service NDE technique.
  3. Test data is presented in both strip charts and real-
    time colour maps.
  4. Rapid inspection is performed from the exterior of the
    insulation or fireproofing.
  5. Used for the detection of Corrosion Under Insulation
    (CUI), Corrosion Under Fireproofing (CUF), and more.
  6. Applied externally and is appropriate for cast and
    ductile iron, bare pipe and for insulated, above-ground
    steel pipe.
  7. Detect electromagnetic energy, which is affected by
    the pipe wall thickness regardless of whether the pipe is
  8. Requires neither system shutdown nor insulation
  9. Intended to inspect live pipe with thick insulation

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