The industry we find ourselves in is small and with the recent strikes the country experienced, many companies had to close their doors. Unemployment numbers are up and the cost of living keeps rising. Those of us still operating can only do so with sound financial management and a little help from you.

I need you to consider the following situation. When you share a critical piece of information regarding your employer, that information could be used to get you kicked off site or even prevent you from getting the contract in the first place.

When you are unhappy about internal company issues like a management squabble, equipment shortage, not liking someone or even salaries, you need to think about what that information may do to the employer.

Because of our success in industry, we are being watched; especially by our competition who would love to get some skinner news about us to share with the world.

I am not saying that you should not talk to technicians from other companies – we all have friends working for the opposition – but we only share what will not hurt us. The same could be said about information you come across that may hurt other NDT companies – share it with everybody – just kidding!

We do not need to involve ourselves in nasty stories to get ahead in industry; our good reputation does that for us. And those companies that try to discredit us by sharing sensitive information eventually get nailed anyway.

As a professional NDT technician your responsibility is to protect your employer, protect the interest of the client and protect your position in the company.

Recommendation: Unhappiness about something internal to your employer should be kept internal. Speak to your Level III. Let him see what he can do.