What happens when a client disagrees with your report?

You spend a great deal of time on site performing the inspection, taking pictures and then compiling a detailed report. And at the end of it all the client does not agree.

The client has a right to disagree, because he pays for your service. In the same way you may disagree with the person that services your car.

Here is a list of possible issues the client may disagree on:

  1. The time you spent on site.
  2. Amount of consumables used.
  3. Access to the inspection area. Testing all the required areas, lighting …
  4. End result – repairs.

Most of our clients are manufacturers for an end user. When we find problems with the welding, the manufacturer looks bad. Nobody wants to look bad in the eyes of their client.

Recommendation: So what do you do when the client does not agree with your report?

Do not disagree with the client. The client is king and even the king makes mistakes. Ask the client exactly what it is he is unhappy about. Ask him to put it on paper, an e-mail would be fine. Then forward it to your Level III – or ask the client to send it to your Level III directly.

As a technician, YOU make sure that everything you do on site is done in such a way that, when the client complains, we have things in place. DO NOT BLAME THE ASSISTANT. This means taking pictures, making notes and speaking to the supervisor on site.

Do not just ignore the complaints and hope they go away. Deal with it.

Hennie de Wet