Since the beginning of time, humans had the urge, the desire to have leaders to look up to and to…well, lead them. We wanted Kings, we needed Knights, we looked up to Dukes and desired to be like Barons. Complaining about things is also a human desire and again leaders come in handy in this department as well.

The lack of leaders worldwide over the past few centuries basically forced us humans to rather look up to and support sport stars, pop stars, rock stars, movie stars and maybe because of hard times, also porn stars. Fortunately for us humans we also have Heroes. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have Super Heroes. For a lucky few there are Intelligent Super Heroes but for the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) community there is now an “Extremely Intelligent Super Hero” visiting SAINT’s Facebook page. Our Extremely Intelligent Super Hero might not be everyone’s new leader but hopefully he will be someone many can relate to and hopefully, at times teach some, something new.

The NDT industry has a crucial role to play in all aspects of modern life. The pace of life is constantly increasing, which NDT has to adapt, change, improve and rise to the challenges. Research into NDT methods plays a vital role in every major industry on all continents. Inspector EISH aims to create a window for which the general public can use to be informed and educated about Inspector EISH – in a fun and informative way. The character will integrate humour and technical aspects of NDT, allowing the audience to be entertained by Inspector EISH.

Who is Inspector EISH?
• Inspector EISH is SAINT’s “typical NDT guy”- passionate about what he does, but by no means perfect! We all learn from his mistakes and his successes.
• His vast knowledge in NDT makes him the “Go Tto” guy and he wants to help everyone do NDT correctly.
• Inspector EISH promotes NDT to the general public.
• He touches everyday aspects of life – in addition to all issues NDT.
• Inspector EISH has a playful and fun character.
• Inspector EISH is the guy who wants to help.
• EISH stands for “Extremely Intelligent Super Hero”.
• Why “Inspector EISH”? Eish is what we all say when things go wrong.
• EISH is the “Hello Kitty of NDT”.