Fumes for Fools 2


Fumes for Fools 2
It was a routine Friday afternoon; braai fire ready for the first steaks, the 'senior' technician (let's call him Idiom - short for being an idiot and moron) had already finished three double brandy and cokes as was quite busy with his fourth.
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SAINT is the South African Institute for Non-destructive Testing formed in 1968 and made up of persons involved in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in South Africa and neighbouring countries. It is governed by its constitution and an annually elected COUNCIL where "all member" are volunteers. SAINT is registered with SARS as a Non Profit Organisation.

SAINT Your Partner in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

SAINT welcomes any announcements, press releases, letters, articles and photographs relating to our Non-Desctructive Testing (NDT) field. Your submittals will be considered and if acceptable, published on the SAINT Website.



Please visit the Diary page as we have introduced a local diary of meetings and technical evenings. Please note that SAINT members are free to join Council meetings. Council would welcome their attendance, and suggestions.

Downlod a copy of our constitution here

Standards for Non-Destructive testing (NDT) in South Africa are issued as South African National Standards (SANS). When a need for a Standard is identified, the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Technical Committee 135 decides whether the standard is unique to the South African environment or whether there are internationally, readily available standards that could apply. Click here to view a list of Non destructive testing (NDT) standards.